A Simple Fantasy of the Food Variety

Source: Sample6
I have never ordered one of these in my entire life. In my fantasy it’s the only thing I order, anywhere. Source: Pinterest
This is not cookie dough. This is steak tartare. Otherwise known as fully and completely raw meat with a bit of mustard. Source: French Guy Cooking

Not Actually Cookie Dough But It’ll Do

  • 2–3 tbs Coconut Oil (sometimes I add more depending on the consistency, play around with it to your liking)
  • Half a bag raw almonds (soaked or unsoaked) — about 8oz or 225g. If you soak them, soak the almonds the night before. If you soak them, it’s easier to blend. But you also need foresight, so I usually just do it straight from the bag and it’s not that hard, just need to put a bit more muscle into the mixing.
  • 3–4 heaping tbs Cacao powder (for transplant patients — this is a good source of magnesium, in which we are often deficient)
  • a few pinches of flaky sea salt
  • 3 pitted Medjool dates (I boil water in the kettle and pour over them to soften so they’ll come off the pit more easily and are softer for blending)
  • 1 tbs Chia Seeds (totes optional)
I know what you’re thinking. 1) ‘Where did she get such a professional photo of her cookie dough concoction?’ Off my iPhone, of course! 2) ‘That looks like shit!’ Yes, it does, there’s no denying it. But it tastes really amazing. Trust.



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